Mailboxes By Bob / Big Bore Signs, LLC

Street Signs by Jay

Q. Can you handle supplying and installing all of the mailboxes in our sub?

A. Absolutely no problem. We install thousands of mailboxes every year.


Q. Will you work with us to find the right mailboxes for our sub?

A. Yes. I have developed relationships with many of the manufactures and distributors in America. Based on your tastes and budget, we'll find the best deal for you.


Q. Can you install here in Michigan in the winter?

A. Yes. The carbide bits on our power equipment means we work all year.


Q. The #%$#^%# at the post office is being a ^%$#^ jerk. Will you talk to him and help us design the mailbox layout in our sub?

A. No problem. I have developed relationships with many of the post masters and growth coordinators. Surprisingly, they deal with contractors like me much better than some of their customers. In fact, I often hear from homeowners associations that say the growth coordinator at the post office suggested they give me a call.

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